Study Thai Online lesson with Khruu Elf

Khruu Elf teaches Thai to Victor on Skype

So you already know some Thai and don’t want to start from the beginning? No problem! Our online lessons are one-on-one, just you and the teacher. This means that we can tailor the lessons to suit your level and learning needs.

Victor, like many of our students, started out with a free trial lesson in December after a friend recommended Study Thai Online to him. His main concern was whether or not our lessons would be suitable for him since he already knows some Thai. Fortunately we have a number of study books available, so we were able to find one that matched up with his current level and Victor now has two lessons each week with Khruu Elf.

We also offer flexibility, allowing him to reschedule his lessons when things come up (we just need 48 hours notice for lessons on a Monday or 24 hours notice for any other day).

If you’re interested in learning Thai but not sure if online lessons are the way to go, sign up for a free trial lesson with Study Thai Online. There’s no obligation to buy, just give it a try!